How To Use Notion For Personal Training

Jul 10, 2024

Save money, get more clients, and build your business faster using Notion. Discover how turning Notion into your all-in-one Personal Trainer Operating System can streamline your workflow, enhance client management, and propel your personal training business to new heights.

Personal trainers face unique challenges and barriers that can hinder their ability to scale their business to a 5+ figure monthly income. Their problems mostly fall into these areas:

  • Not enough clients

  • Low client retention

  • Charging too low

Fully solving and then maximizing these areas are what personal trainers should aim to master. Good areas to start might include:

  • Having a marketing and sales strategy

  • Understanding each client’s needs

  • Becoming a pro trainer known for delivering results

What is Notion?

Notion is a free productivity and note-taking web application. It offers organizational tools including task management, project tracking, to-do lists, and bookmarking. It has both desktop and mobile apps.

Notion For Personal Trainers

Although many people see Notion as a note-taking and task-tracking software, it can be adapted to be used as a Personal Trainer Operating System.

The 3 Points Of Personal Trainer Mastery

Marketing & Sales

Every personal trainer needs clients. The difference between a PT who lives paycheck to paycheck and one who has a 5-figure income is their method of attaining leads and converting them into paying clients.

You can get leads by:

  • Referrals (word of mouth)

  • Warm Outreach (people that know you)

  • Cold Outreach (people that don’t know you)

  • Posting Content (social media posts or lead magnets)

  • Paid Advertising (paying for views on your content)

You can then convert them into clients by:

  • Making an attractive offer

  • Showing client success stories

  • Giving a free trial

  • Using various other methods

Managing how you get leads, comparing different strategies, and tracking your lead pipeline is crucial, especially if you’re an online personal trainer looking to build a large client portfolio.

Notion For Marketing & Sales

Using Notion for personal training allows you to manage your marketing methods, track performance from each strategy, and manage the leads so you can achieve the best close rate possible.

Because personal training is so competitive, you need to offer valuable services that meet each unique client's needs. Keeping track of these needs is crucial if you want a high close rate.

Understanding Client Needs

Each client is different. Unsuccessful personal trainers use the same training for every client. Lazy personal trainers categorize their clients into strict categories (weight loss, muscle building, etc.), but pro personal trainers offer a bespoke service for each individual client.

You don’t have to create a whole new training plan for each client. However, providing a quality service where you ask about their goals and concerns allows you to tailor communication, make workout notes, and give effective advice. Clients will feel heard and valued, which does wonders for retention.

Notion For Client Bespoke Coaching

Using a Notion Personal Trainer CRM, you can manage all your clients in one place. Each client can have a portal page to track everything unique to them, such as:

  • Goals

  • Concerns

  • Progress Pics

  • Training Plan Progress

  • Medical Information

  • Client-Specific Workouts

  • Cardio Tracking

  • Weight Tracking & Targets

  • Meal Plans

  • Session Planning

  • Check-Ins

This allows you to manage every client as if they’re your only client. You don’t need to use every section for every client—just base it on their needs and what they want to get out of your coaching.

Becoming A Pro Personal Trainer

Using Notion for personal training helps you organize your knowledge in one place. You can store over 100 exercises and movements with notes, pictures, and videos to share with clients. You can design workouts, recovery routines, and training plans to assign to clients. You can also create meal plans based on their macro and calorie targets.

Notion allows you to keep track of all your plans in one place, making it easy to assign and share them with clients. This enables you to manage more clients while delivering a professional and bespoke service to each one.

Notion has no limits, so you can continue building plans, upgrading your knowledge, and taking on more clients. There's no subscription fee, and it has a mobile app for easy tracking and updates while on the gym floor.

Customization with Notion Personal Trainer Template

A Notion personal trainer template is highly customizable. Personal trainers can tailor the template to fit their unique coaching style and the specific needs of their clients. This customization ensures that each client receives personalized attention and support, which can significantly improve client satisfaction and retention.

You can easily change the color, layout and design of any page. Drag and drop different sections or tracking tools depending on your preference. Design new areas that add more ways to coach your clients.

Efficiency with Notion Personal Trainer Template

Efficiency is key for personal trainers, and a Notion personal trainer template can streamline many aspects of the business. From tracking client progress to managing schedules and communication, the template helps trainers save time on administrative tasks. This allows more time to focus on delivering high-quality training sessions and growing the business.

Scalability with Notion Personal Trainer Template

As a personal trainer's client base grows, managing multiple clients can become challenging. A Notion personal trainer template can scale with the business, accommodating an increasing number of clients without sacrificing organization or quality of service. This scalability ensures that trainers can continue to provide excellent service as their business expands.

One of the issues with normal personal trainer apps is their payment model. Once you hit a certain number of clients, your monthly fee increases. A personal trainer system should save you money as you scale not increase cost.

Integration with Other Tools

The Notion personal trainer template can integrate with other tools and applications that trainers may already be using. Whether it's linking with Google Calendar for scheduling or embedding videos for exercise demonstrations, the template's flexibility allows for a cohesive and comprehensive personal training management system.

By leveraging the power of a Notion personal trainer template, personal trainers can enhance their organization, efficiency, and client management, ultimately leading to a more successful and scalable business.

If you want to start managing your clients using Notion, I have a prebuilt Notion personal trainer template with 10 pages to manage clients, complete coaching, and plan your business growth.

Here's a recent review.

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