Lose Weight Faster Using Notion

May 22, 2024

$70 billion is spent a year on weight loss products and over 15% of adults have taken a weight-loss supplement in the U.S.

That's insane!!

The majority of this spending is on non-sustainable "solutions" such as:

  • Slimming tablets

  • 4-week diet plans

  • 10-day ab workouts

  • $50 a month workout apps

These products are designed to keep you buying. That's why it's x weeks, 1 month supply of y tablet and z subscription amount per month for new app number 654. They also promise unrealistic results and can be unsafe.

They aren't long-term. If they were, the market wouldn't be worth $70 billion. That's the ugly truth.

As you know, consistency is the #1 factor in achieving long-term results.

That's why you need a product that's "long-term". Not a subscription you have to pay each month to help achieve only 10% of the right areas (I'm rambling, but I hope I've made the point).

How about a product that's there until you achieve your goal?

No subscription, just a permanent solution to your weight loss.

Something that will last until you achieve your goal (I haven't measured the success rate, but I imagine this makes it pretty high).

Studies show you are 42% more likely to achieve your goal just by writing down a target. But what use are targets without actions? Without systems and actions, targets are often forgotten or given up on.

I've been working with customers to make a product that covers all areas of sustainable, fast and effective weight loss

  • Nutrition

  • Fitness

  • Targets

  • Habits

  • Mobile UI

  • Deficit Targets

  • Stats

  • Journalling

  • Body Measurements

  • BMR

  • Macro & Calories

  • Meal Planning

  • Workout Resources

  • Progress Pics

  • Diet Tips

  • & More

I've probably forgotten to add a few, but you get the idea.

I've tried to cover every aspect of weight loss to give YOU the best possible chance of success. You get all of this until you achieve your weight target.

I'm already helping over 100 people lose weight, and my mission is to get that to 1000 by the end of this year!

I want YOU to be a part of that 1000, so if you're interested in losing weight using Notion, click the link below.

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